Tuesday, September 7, 2010

I'm new at this! (So beware!!!)

This is my first review. So don't be hatin'!

Rob Dakin's thriller, Vale of Shadows, is a spellbinding novel with a supernatural twist. From the Ottoman invasion of centuries past to a 1950's murder, and then to the teeming metropolis of present day Istanbul and into isolated regions of Turkey and Albania, readers are treated to a beautifully crafted story illuminated by the backdrop of time and place. Led by American relief worker Jeff Smith, son of a Turk who witnessed the murder-Orhan, Aubrey, and Jonathan embark with him on a frightening race across post-earthquake Turkey as they escape a curse that was cast five centuries earlier against Orhan and Jeff's families. Jeff struggles against the tangible threat caused by his curse, while at the same timedistracted by his growing affection for Aubrey. As the are driven to escape Istanbul, readers are treated to a magnificant countryside of Turkey and Albania and the ancient city of Ephesus. What awaits our four adventurers is tragedy, terror, and isolation...and the slim possibliy of survival.
[About the writer]

Rob Dakin has been a dentist for twenty-five years. The father of five, and grandfather of two, the author has participated in numerous dental missions in Albania, Turkey, Kazahkhstan, Liberia, and Kenya. He and his wife, Karen, reside in Kansas.


[review part]

What is a book, you ask yourself. This,Vale of Shadows, is a book. Worthy of praise. I just hope this reaches the Bestseller charts. I must admit, I got a tiny bit confused because I had no idea what was gong on (At the begining). But I couldn't stop reading!! The changes, and the way he portraits his characters is an example of true masterpeice. Also, the story-line/main idea, was fantastic! Going into other cultures, and what they believed was completly a learning episode.

This book was the complete defenition of the word 'thriller'!! And if you want to give it a try, you can read the book, or you can read (buy) it on the new kindle for 9.97. Rob also has a website, http://www.robdakin.com/ and you can check out the forums, authors notes ect. But seriously. This book is amazing! The twists and turns of this book, blow my mind away.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Come one and All!!

As you probably DON'T know, I am writing a book. Its called Tempest. So I had my very good friend Miss Ky, concoct the cover. Here is the fruit of her labors!

Isn't it great????? And I have one other thing to do.
My wonderful dentist has published his very own book! And shortly, will post a review type thing on here. For now, Here is the title: Veil of Shadows-By Robert Dakin. It is very interesting!!!