Friday, November 18, 2011


Wow. It's been five months since I last posted.
So much has happened.
My name is still Bethany. I still have four younger sisters. I still have a dog. Two parents. And a place to live.  
I just haven't posted in five months.
Soccer is over, even though it felt like it just started. We had a fairly good season, winning all but a single game. Today is November 18, 2011, and we have a LOCK-IN. It starts at 7:00pm tonight, and doesn't end till tomorrow morning at 7:00am. And we can't sleep at all. Not one bit. We have to stay up all night and do things. Even in the ungodly hours when we are supposed to be in bed dreaming about the times we aren't supposed to even be awake. It's unnatural!!!
Its inhuman. That's what it is.

In just 48 days, I will be 14. I still can't believe it. Whoa.
This is me. I just stopped believin.
(Don't tell Journey) :)

I'll post back in tomorrow, and tell you how the LOCK-IN went.