Saturday, December 17, 2011

My life

Oh.My.Gosh. There is only eight days to Christmas 2011.
20 days till my birthday 2012. I will be 14. I'm scared.
On to better things.
Christmas is in eight days and I still need to finish a Christmas present for a certain person. I shall not name who. Cross my heart hope to die, poke a noodle in my eye. That's right. A noodle. Sounds less painful then a needle. Anyways, we went shopping two days ago and accomplished about maybe possibly less than half of what we needed done. I hate shopping. But the best part of all was that we did about half of that, at Dollar Tree.
When I grow up, my main shopping places is going to be Wal-Mart, and Dollar Tree. But mainly Dollar Tree. Did you know that everything is a dollar? It's amazing. It really is. I could cry.
I got a present for my best friend, and some for my sisters.
But I still need to find something for my mom's side of the family to make. But what it will be is beyond me. I'm clueless as to what to do. I'm not very artistic. I have the ideas, it's just that they don't translate well into existence. That seems to be my lot in life. My brain must be faulty. Oh well.
I get to have three Christmas's this year. One with my moms dad, one with my mom's mom, and one with my dad's parents. But I love my multiple families. So it's all good. : )

(In case you can't tell, my posts are usually a bit scatter brained.)

Thursday, December 1, 2011


My little sister is amazing. She's in a play with one of her friends, Alice in Wonderland, and she plays the White Rabbit. I have yet to hear her sing her songs, but from what I've been told, she does fantastically.
I'm so proud of her, she's so much braver than I am. I would never have the courage to do what she's doing. And I know it probably wouldn't mean much to her that I'm saying this, but I'm so very proud of her and what she's doing.
Love you little sis!