Thursday, June 30, 2011

What are we going to do with her????

Well, last week while my fantabulous Aunt Bobbie was here, we were going to make pumpkin muffins. And when I say we, I mean Queen of Drama. But unfortunately Queen of Drama told me that I had to grease the pan. Ugh. Well I went to get the napkins and I was at the table standing next to her. And then all of a sudden there was blood pouring out of her finger. I felt my insides turn to dead mush, so I quickly threw the four napkins I had onto her fingers. I'm sure my face was a sight to see. The doctors thought that she would need stitches. But since my mom held her fingers so tightly, it was closed enough that they could just put some kind of sticky tape on her finger to hold it together. But she's okay now. YAAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!

Long time no Post!!!

It's hard to believe that I haven't posted on my blog since February during the super-bowl. (Gotta love football)

In case ya'll have forgotten who I am and what I'm about, let me fill you in. Things may have changed since I last talked to you.
I'm thirteen, I'm extremely blond, blue eyed, athletic (I love soccer), I have four little sisters. 11yo, 9yo, 6yo, and 1yo. I have a large family. We like to be vocal... Well, some of my family does. I don't usually. The fastest time for me to read a book, is two hours. And the book was about 200-300 pages. I have a wonderful dad, whom I love so evermuch (Yes I just created a new word), a mom who has her own blog( , go check it out!!) My little sister who's the Queen of Drama, loves acting and babysitting. My other little sister who is normally really serene and quiet, unless you're an annoying little boy who won't be quiet. Then there's no guarantees. :) My other other little sister who loves tumbling around, whether its doing cartweels in the frontroom, or doing back hand springs in the gymnastics place thing. And then theres my other other other little sister. She's just one, so we don't know a whole lot yet. But she likes to scream, and she loves bananas. There are pictures of my little sisters on my moms blog. (Website as mentioned above.)

Here are there pictures. And more likely then not, you won't really see me in any of these pictures. I don't like having my picture taken. It is weird.

This is the Queen of Drama

This is the Not so Silent One

This is Tuck n' Roll

And this is Bug.

Once I get them I'll post pictures of my mommy and daddy. (Get used to seeing mommy and daddy on here. That's just what I call them.)