Thursday, November 11, 2010

What has life come to???

My life *sigh* . Sometimes 'my life' isn't so great. In my life, people injur themselves in the spring last, and people fall down the stairs.

1. The first person I talked about, was me. :( I hurt myself during one of my soccer games. And now... my computer is spasing, so I can't post my cast picture. Yes. Me. Believe me. I DIDN'T WANT A CAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now I have this lime green cast that stands out very much.

2. The person that felll down the stairs, was my sister. We originally thought she had broken her foot. But turns out, she just beat the poor appendage to death. So now, she has crutches. (For the time being.)
Anyways. Enough 'bout my sad little life. On to the good things.

In this picture, my bestest best friend wrote MY name in pretzelz!!!!!!

And she knew food was one of my favorite things!!!

And the same bestest best friend left me. : I am so mad at her!! Just joking.

Look at my happy puppy!!!!

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