Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Learning Experiances

Today, my mom, decided we would walk to the library. Cause it was beautiful. But after the first 2 blocks, my mom said, looked over to where we were headed. And she says, "This isn't good." We ended up walking, 5.2 miles, in three hours!!!!! We were walking for three whole hours!!!! At the end of our journey, (On the way home) we (the kids) got soo tired, we laid down on the grass by the side walk. It was PURE torture!!!! And now, we are all moaning and groaning, because of how sore we are. We discovered, that if we became homeless, we wouldn't survive the first day.


momma24 said...

We were not walking for the whole time! We stayed in the library for 20 minutes and sat at dillons for another 15. hahahaha

Miss K said...

Oh, that you got a lot of exercise! :D Sorry for the torture, though. :(